General Information

  1. You must not park or leave a vehicle stationary on freeways.
  2. Access to bikes, motorcycles or agricultural vehicles is forbidden on freeways.
  3. Drivers are not permitted to use the emergency line, unless there is an emergency and provided that the hazard warning lights are on.
  4. The maximum speed limit on freeways for motorized road vehicles is 100 kilometres per hour and the minimum is 65 kilometres per hour. Lower set limits are set for heavy trucks and buses, with the highest speed limit being 80 kilometres per hour.
  5. Pedestrians must not cross freeways.
  6. Children should not open the door on the side of the driveway.
  7. Pedestrians must always walk along the right side of the driveway, look right before crossing the road and wear something bright or fluorescent at night.
  8. Visibility is limited during night driving by 20 times.
  9. Avoid driving while taking any kind of medication.
  10. When driving on a freeway, you must keep out of the right lane unless you are overtaking, turning right, or if all lanes are congested.