Duplicate of Driver’s License

People applying for a driver’s license should hand in all the necessary documents in person or send them by post to the Road Transport Department. In case the application form is handed in by a person other than the applicant, then the TOM 46B document must be verified by a certified municipal clerk or a village council president.

Issuing a driver’s license copy

  1. Fill in the TOM 46B document
  2. Fill in TOM 7B document
  3. Provide two passport photos
  4. Bring your identity card
  5. Pay a 40 euro fee


  • Even if the driver’s license is damaged or distorted, it must be presented on the day of the application.
  • In case the driver’s license is stolen, then a theft verification document issued by the police must be provided.

A copy of the driver’s license can be issued in case the driver’s license is lost, damaged or distorted.

The driver’s license copy is similar to the original, has the copy symbol written on it and is equally valid as the original.

Issuing a duplicate of a driver’s license or a learner driving license, falls under the 2001 Driver’s License law.