About us

EVRIPIDES Driving School 


Evripides driving school was founded in 1983 by driving instructor Evripides Constantinides. Along with two other instructors, Evripides’ school aims at providing services of the best quality, taking into account the customers’ individual needs. Since its foundation, many of the school’s instructors have changed and the equipment has been upgraded. Today, the school is proud to have instructors with specialized knowledge in modern automotive engineering, who are all members of London’s Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The school’s success has been ongoing, something that is proved by the increasing number of people who trust its high level of education and acknowledge the importance of having instructors who are up to date in all aspects of their area of expertise.

One of the essential aims and objectives of Evripides School is to promote road safety. It is a fact that the human factor is responsible for the 90% of road accidents nowadays. When a person exceeds the speed limit, he cannot always attribute an accident to bad luck or to a form of distraction. It is high time to change the way we think as a nation and use the technical knowledge and the experience that some people have to enhance road safety rules and turn people into socially conscious drivers.